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Settle design debates with data.

Crafting great design involves two parties, the designer, and the user. Good design is flashy and impressive, but great design provides users with a seamless experience as they navigate your site, and communicates to them. The truth is, you need visitor insights to design better. Analytics tells you where people leave your site. Zarget tells you why.

Radar For Websites


Heatmaps provide visual analytics for how people interact with your page designs and layouts. Our heatmaps track clicks on dynamic elements as well, leaving you with no blind spots. Identify which elements promote optimal user flow, and which ones don’t, by viewing and analyzing click patterns.

See How Deep Your Visitors Dive


Scrollmaps show you how far down your page visitors scroll. By viewing how visitors interact with your page layouts, see where on your site visitors linger, and which parts they skip. Organize your site’s layout better, and place elements where they get the most eyeballs.

If Anyone’s Opinion Matters, It’s Your Visitors’

Polls & Feedback

Being a designer is hard. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how you should design. But really, the most important source of feedback you can get is your visitors, because nobody else experiences your designs like they do. It’s just a matter of asking them. Settle design debates with data. Our user polls let you do just that.

Picking A Favorite Is Never Easy

Split URL Testing

Working on a daring revamp of your site but can’t decide which design to go with? Well, with split URL testing, you can let your visitors decide what they like the best, saving you a headache. Different variants are hosted on different URLs, and visitor interaction will show you which to pick.

Track Visitor Engagement Across Pages

Funnel Analysis

Every website funnels visitors to a final action you want them to take. The navigation designs, the sequence in which information is shown to your visitors directly impacts their user flow. Funnel tests show you which website path provides the best experience. Think virtual card sorting, but with actual users.

  • Cameron Henneke, Co-founder, Etsy On Sale

    Zarget's Chrome Extension makes it incredibly easy to set up and run A/B tests. This means we test more and iterate faster. Optimizing our site is now a simple, streamlined process.

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