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Zarget Beefs Up! - Unveiling Session Replay

Use A/B test to iteratively bake your new web design until it is ready to replace the old one.


Session Replay

Capture and replay your visitor’s journey

Watch real visitors interact with your site. See where you can help them or enhance their experience.

  • Fix pain points and increase conversions
  • Conduct targeted customer behavior studies
  • Reduce the time/cost of diagnosing website problems
  • Uncover the UNKNOWN - Replays reveal scope for improvement in unexpected areas
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Now Out of Beta

Polls & Feedback


Invite visitors to give feedback about anything - design, content, pricing, where they found you, and so on.

  • A variety of questions - NPS scores, multiple choice, short and long answers
  • Conditional jumps for response based branching
  • Action-based poll triggers and insightful reports

NOW Out of Beta

Zarget For Agencies


Easily manage multiple accounts within Zarget - you can collaborate better and swiftly delegate. Marketing agencies can use Multiple Account Management to effectively manage client accounts.

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