Now, get even more with Zarget.

Now, get even more with zarget

Form Analytics, Polls and Feedback, and Role-based User Management within Zarget. We’ve also made many other big and small improvements to make Zarget better.

Website Form Analytics


Increase web form conversions

Website Forms work round the clock, collect minimal, actual and required information, and always bring in quality leads. Optimizing them can prominently/visibly increase conversions.

Form Analytics will allow you to drill down to the specifics of user behaviour on website forms - The number of views and responses, the average time spent to complete the form, drop offs, form abandonment rates, blank rates of fields, and much more.

Polls and Feedback


know what your visitors want

In business, timing is everything. Polls and feedback will help you ask your visitors timely questions, to understand their needs, interests and problems and engage them better.

It helps interact with customers instantly before, after or during an important event on the website. If you can set up a good structure of polls and feedback sessions throughout your website, you can pass off for an omnipresent listener.

Roles and User Management

Multiple Account Management

Manage users in Zarget

Zarget’s Multiple Account Management will give you scope for more organization, easy delegation and efficiency within Zarget. Marketing agencies can use it to effectively manage their client accounts in Zarget. The feature comes with two inbuilt roles - super users and account managers.

Other Enhancements

Funnel Analysis - It is now possible to track visitor interactions on ‘virtual pages’ (pages without an unique URL), that are a part of a funnel.

Heatmap - Option to restrict the visitor count to be tracked, or the percentage of traffic to use in experiments. This will help websites with huge traffic in avoiding sampling errors by running the experiments over a good period of time, and normalising deviations. Thereby improving the quality of the heatmap data.

Revenue Tracking - Ability to track the monetary value of every action or event for each variation in the experiments.

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