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  • Matt
    Matt Metzger, E-Com Solutions

    Not only has Zarget caused a breakthrough in sales conversions, but every time I’ve contacted support I’ve had fast and well-informed replies and that really says a lot.

  • Gotomarketers
    William Goddard, Managing Partner, GotoMarketers

    Managing many websites and demand gen programs for companies of all sizes - Zarget has been a real valuable tool for our team and a real benefit to our customers success.

  • Cameron
    Cameron Henneke, Co-founder, Etsy On Sale

    The Zarget Chrome Extension makes it incredibly easy to set up and run A/B tests. This means we test more and iterate faster. Optimizing our site is now a simple, streamlined process.

  • Shihab Freshdesk
    Shihab, Freshdesk

    We managed to increase our sign ups by 37% by using Zarget's tool. It was easy to run and analyze, as their multiple tools allowed for a streamlined process

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Send us an email to

  • What do I get in Zarget’s free trial?

    Zarget offers free trial packs. If you wish to try our product, you can immediately start a free trial by just signing up. With Zarget’s free trial, you get 30 days of awesome optimization upto 5000 unique visitors.

  • Difference b/w visits and visitors

    Visits: This is the number of times a user visits a particular page. The visits count increases even with returning visitors.
    Visitors: Every new visitor is considered a ‘visitor’ by us. Returning visitors are not added to the visitors count.

  • How are monthly unique visitors counted?

    We consider the number of visitors in the experiments you run and not the monthly visitors to your website as a whole.
    For ex: If a test is running on “SUBSCRIPTION FORM” page of your website and if 1000 visitors visit that page. The 1000 visitors to subscription form page will only be counted and not the overall visitors to your website of that month.

  • How does Annual billing work?

    By choosing Annual commitment/billing, you acknowledge to pay for the entire year in one go. The advantage of annual commitment is that you are provided with the annual visitor limit immediately. For example, if you choose an annual plan for 10000 visitors/month, you get 120000 (10000 X 12) visitors credited to your account. This allows you to plan experiments as per your convenience. Apart from this advantage, annual commitment also boasts a discounted price compared to the monthly plan (for an entire year).

  • What happens if I don’t use my visitors limit?

    You are given a comfortable roll-over option if you haven’t used the monthly visitors [monthly or yearly, as per your plan] completely. Ex: Suppose you're using the 10000 visitors/month plan and have used only 8000 visitors, your remaining visitors will be added to your next month. So, for next month you will have 10000+2000 visitors in your account. But the maximum visitors in your account cannot cross the limit of twice your current plan. Ex: If you are in 10000 visitors/month plan your account cannot have more than 20000 visitors after carry-over from previous month.

  • How many users can access an account?

    You can create access to 5 users in an account. Users must obtain authorization from the account holder.

  • How many simultaneous experiments can I run?

    An unlimited number (as long as it's within your visitor limit).

  • What amount of coding knowledge is required to use Zarget?

    Our vision is to empower digital marketing professionals and web designers to create and manage A/B tests and heatmap experiments without much help from developers. As a result, Zarget does not require coding skills to run experiments. However, if you need to run highly complex tests, you might need some minimal help from your developers.

  • I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

    At Zarget, helping our users is high on our list of priorities. Please do call us at +1-866-282-1591 or send us an email to get answers for whatever questions you have regarding Zarget. We will be happy to answer you anytime, any day of the week.