Split URL Testing

Different designs. Different URLs. See which does better.

If you love analytics and are data-driven, then this is the perfect option for you.

Pick site redesigns with confidence

Zarget’s Split URL testing allows you to test template-level changes on your site, such as changes to your site’s overall design, or when you wish to completely revamp or overhaul your existing website. You can test the variations by hosting them on two different URLs and splitting traffic between them.

Group page testing made easy

Regex, Simplified

Zarget lets you test a set of pages against their variants, with ease. We’ve simplified the process with our Regex targeting option, letting you create Split URL tests for series of pages without any code or developer help!

Use Zarget's Regex functionality to include pages with similar URL elements - Split URL Testing

Keep your query tags intact

Redirect with query parameters

Zarget allows you to pass the query parameters from your original page to its variation. This ensures that you don’t lose any valuable information on source of the traffic.

Explanation of how Zarget's Regex feature works across multiple URLs in your site

Screenshot Tour - Split URL Testing

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