Session replay

See how visitors ‘actually’ experience your website.

Use A/B test to iteratively bake your new web design until it is ready to replace the old one.


Capture and replay everything your visitors do

Watch real users interact with your site or web application, and get a first-hand view of their difficulties, expectations and usage patterns. With session replays, support them better and eventually increase conversions. It’s an ideal way to diagnose a website.

Empathize with your visitors

Uncover usability issues

Analyze an entire visitor journey - sign up, purchase, or even the behavior inside logged in pages. Learn the hurdles they face, their hesitations, and things that miss their eye.

How to sea what visitors are doing on your website

Study a specific target audience

Record their sessions alone

See how visitors from a particular geography, campaign or traffic source interact with your website. See what resonates with them and what doesn’t.

Study a specific target audience

Pick out worthwhile replays

Quickly sift through sessions

Zarget lets you quickly search for sessions by country, city, browser, OS, device (tablet | mobile | desktop), and also based on source such as Google, Facebook, Quora, etc.

Quickly sift through sessions

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