Polls and Feedback

It just got a lot easier to get feedback from your users.

Quickly create user friendly polls and feedback sessions from your website.

Gain user feedback successfully

Website Polls and feedback are vital to improve visitor engagement, satisfaction and loyalty on your website. Most importantly it helps start an instant conversation with a prospective customer. Using Zarget, you can establish a good set of polls and surveys across your website. You can ask a single question, conduct a brief poll or run a quick feedback session.

Ask right questions at the right time

Context Specific Polls

With Zarget’s polls and surveys you can prompt questions to your visitors whenever an important event occurs on your website.

Listen to your users! Get user opinions about your product with Zarget Polls & Feedback

Give visitors the nudge they need

Lead Generation

Getting authentic information from your visitor helps you to design more accurate campaigns, messages, and offers. Polls and feedback help open a conversation with a visitor and bring in good quality leads.

Choose the condition when your Polls & Feedback should appear to your users

Leverage visitor opinion

Instant Feedback

Word cloud - Zarget displays the collected feedback in the form of word clouds. It gives you better text analysis with easier to spot word frequencies.

Multiple choice - With multiple choice option you can solicit responses from your visitors by making it easy for them to just select choices.

Use multiple choice questions to get more insight on your users - Polls & Feedback

Screenshot Tour - Polls and Feedback

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