See what your visitors are clicking on.

Get insights that let you improve your site and conversions. Powerful, easy to use heatmaps for everyone.

Powerful, easy to use heatmaps

View, in real time, how visitors interact with your site by clicking. Find out what your users like and what they don’t. Take advantage of that knowledge to make your site convert better.

Track clicks on interactive elements

New Age Heatmaps

All your website elements deserve love. Track visitor engagements on interactive elements such as drop down menus and sliding banners.

Numbers + Graphics = Better

Get Built In Clickmaps

While heatmaps provide graphical insights on exact positions of visitor clicks, clickmaps provide numerical click aggregate data, on an element level.

Get scrollmaps too

View where visitors scroll

Analyze scrolling patterns to understand visitors. See how far your visitors scroll, the parts they linger on and those that they ignore.

Screenshot Tour - Heatmaps

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