Find the page that is leaking conversions, and plug it.

Funnel tests help you identify and stop conversion leaks.

Easy to use Funnel Analysis, with smart insights

Zarget’s Funnel analysis shows you how your visitors flow from page to page in the conversion funnel. It will help you spot pages with huge drop-offs instantly. By constantly testing your conversion funnels, you can build website paths or navigations that are best for conversions.

Instant Report For Quick Decisions

Real Time Reporting

Zarget’s reports are all in real time and are generated instantly, as and when visitors interact with your website - providing valuable insights while your tests are still running. The reports can help you make critical decisions in the nick of time, to plug the leaks in your funnel.

See how many users drop-off from the various funnel steps using Zarget Funnel Analysis

Track URL-less Pages

Virtual Pageviews

Back in the testing history, pages without a unique URL could not be tracked. If you have a page that updates dynamically on user interactions, use our funnel test to observe user actions/interests on them.

Find out how many users miss a pop-up you intend them to use - Funnel Analysis

Doubled Benefit

Heatmaps & A/B Testing

After identifying the pages that are poorly performing, run Zarget heatmaps to visualize what your visitors are clicking on the page.

You can then make necessary changes and follow it up with A/B tests, to see what favours your conversions. Also, the visual editor will help you make changes on web pages without any developer’s hand.

Run heatmaps & A/B tests to plug the drop-offs at a particular page - Zarget Funnel Analysis

Screenshot Tour - Funnel Analysis

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