A/B Testing

A/B test and pick out the designs that convert better.

Use A/B test to iteratively bake your new web design until it is ready to replace the old one.

Boost conversions with better page designs

Ever wondered which design variation to use for your site? With A/B testing, create variations of your page and see how visitors convert on them. Pick the winning variation, the one that converts better!

What you see is what you get

Intuitive Visual Editor

Instantly create variants of your web page with our easy to use WYSIWYG visual editor. Make changes to your page as needed, with a wide array of editing options to choose from.

How to easily change images for your variation using Zarget's A/B Testing Tool

A/B Testing, made much easier

Chrome Plugin For A/B Testing

Zarget’s Chrome plugin allows you to optimize and test pages effortlessly right from the comfort of your own browser! Just one click and you’re ready to start using our visual editor to create page variants.

Using Zarget's Chrome plugin to simply load A/B Testing on top of your site

Optimize checkout pages

Bypass Login Screens

With Zarget’s industry-first Chrome plugin, you can create variants of pages and A/B test beyond login screens. For the first time ever, bypass logins and optimize!

A/B Testing your CTA text or formating the text font is simple with Zarget

Screenshot Tour - A/B Test

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